Crypto In 2019

Crypto In 2019

Cryptocurrency is not something you hear much about anymore for a few reasons; Firstly all the tech writers who threw spare hardware at building mining rigs are still trying to pay off their epic power bill and are are too busy selling used hardware to mates to write about it, and secondly, and more realistically, because prices have stagnated making it a significantly less sexy topic.

Back in December 2017 everyone, and I mean everyone, was talking about cryptocurrency. Some of the members of the MEF team got heavily involved in the mining side, making dodgy car park deals for graphics cards trying desperately to boost hashrates. While others were simply happy pouring money into the exchanges.

Since prices began to tumble in January 2018 the fate of Crypto has remained unclear and now that the bubble has well and truly burst, those of us who missed the opportunity to cash out on their investments are left trying to figure out what to do with their many and varied valueless coins.

While the news isn’t great for investors what we are seeing is the market normalizing, many of the smaller companies have fallen by the wayside as have the scams and poorly researched startups, leaving the larger players space and resources to focus on the true end goal of decentralizing and securing as much of our lives as possible. If you are still not sure about the point of the blockchain, check out the video below for a quick overview.

Understand the Blockchain in Two Minutes – Institute for the Future (IFTF)

If you’re gambler, chances are if you have some cryptocurrency lying around already the answer is yes, then the real question is, do we double down?

With the price of Ethereum and Bitcoin now lower than it was in August 2017, pre boom, it’s a thought I wrestle with daily.

What’s your Crypto story?  Did you manage to cash out in time? Or are you like me now, sitting on a pile of worthless coins considering your options?

Written by Joel Nitschke

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