Elgato multi-mount review
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Elgato Multi-Mount Review

Elgato Multi-Mount Review

Live streaming is at the top of its game as Twitch continues going from strength to strength. But a stream is only as good as its hardware and this is where Elgato has forged their reputation by providing streamers with the ultimate tools to get the best out of there streams. Elgato provides some of the best streaming products from Capture cards, to Key lights, to Stream Decks, and of course, the Elgato Multi-Mount — The sole reason why you are reading this review!

What is the Multi-Mount?

The Elgato Multi-Mount is a multi-use tool designed to help improve your desk set up for streaming and content creation. Can’t get your camera or Key Light in the perfect place? The Multi-Mount is the perfect accessory to help bring your vision to reality.


The Elgato Multi-Mount is a stylish looking 3-section steel monopod extendable arm that simply clamps to the side of your desk. The Multi-Mount has a diverse range of applications and because of this, can extend from 55cm up to 125cm to suit your setup. To help minimise any unwanted movement, the Multi-Mount features a centre ball head with 1/4 inch screw to offer unmatched stability, while its rubber twist locks and padded expandable clamp ensure you don’t scratch any surface you attach it to.

Not all products are compatible with the Elgato Multi-Mount — Each attachment will need to have a 1/4 screen hole to be compabile. Most DSLR cameras will have this, but not every webcam or microphone will be compatible and will require an adapter for it to mount correctly.

The Multi-Mount feels extremely durable and thanks to its use of steel, hard composite, and rubber materials. This creates a premium finish with a high level of craftsmanship that Elgato has built their reputation upon and ensures that the Muli-Mount will stand the test of time. This is particularly good for dynamic environments such as an office where constantly setting up and disassembling the Multi-Mount for meetings or video conferences is no issue for the high-quality and durable build of the Multi-Mount.


The Elgato Multi-mount clamps to any surface up to 60mm thick and thanks to a decent-sized handgrip that makes it easy to secure and release. I found attaching my Key Light to the Multi-mount was simple and effective. This added ample flexibility for lighting options for my streams as in the past I have been forced to use a tripod that takes up a lot of desk space. This is where the Multi-mount’s low profile and clamping option saves a ton of space for other streaming gear, or in my instance, excessive bottles of Pepsi Max.

I used the Multi-mount for a variety of applications including my DLR camera and even my VR base station thanks to their 1/4″ screw hole. No matter that application or device I attached to the Multi-Mount, the adjustable ball joint ensured the angle and direction was easily able to be set to suit my set up and is sure to be a hit with streamers and content creators alike.

Attaching a camera to the Multi-Mount is great for getting different angles out of your setup, rather than just a webcam looking directly at you. This is particularly useful for multi-camera setups as your main camera/webcam can sit over your monitor while the camera attached to your Multi-Mount can create a different angle and aspect to your content — I can absolutely see the Multi-mount being a useful addition to anyone wishing to add additional angles to take your stream to the next level of production.

Unfortunately, the Elgato Multi-mount is a monopod design, meaning there is only one axis that is adjustable and this is straight up in the air! The ball joint does allow for some flexibility, but for setups where you wish to adjust multiple axis’ then you’ll need to purchase the Elgato Flexi Arms Set accessory kit. This kit ensures that no matter your application, the Multi-Mount/Flexi Arms Set is the perfect solution.

Despite the multiple applications that the Multi-Mount can provide, I primarily used it to create the perfect lighting effects on my streams. Not only did it cut down on my desk space by eliminating my existing bulky tripod, but it also provided additional flexibility for mounting other devices in the future. I briefly touched on the Flexi Arms Set as a product that increases the functionality of the Multi-Mount, but there are more products that will suit a variety of streamers and content creators such as the Elgato Smartphone Holder and a weighted base. Both of these products will help bring more functionality and possibilities to life.


Elgato multi-mount review


  • High-Quality Materials
  • Diverse Applications
  • Universal 1/4″ Attachments
Elgato multi-mount review


  • Monopod
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