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The Brachydios Is smashing it’s way back in to the Monster Hunter World

Lovable looking fella

Monster Hunter World is still hyping up their next freezing expansion by release a further glimpse into a few beats coming our way. Today Capcom dropped a trailer that reveals the not so lovable Brachydios will be making a return to the series, only this time, it will be back pounding the snow in the upcoming Iceborne expansion.

The Brachydios first made an appearance in 2011 in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. While this monster looks like a nasty piece of work I can almost guarantee you, it is! Hands that have been formed into giant beating clubs, perfect for pounding heads into the ground. It also has a lovely look battery ram sticking out of it’s head, so… Goodluck with that!

Monster Hunter World has been a massive success for Capcom with the game crossing 10 million shipments worldwide, the greatest ever for a Monster Hunter game. Come the release of the expansion Iceborne on September 6, I am sure the numbers will rise again. You can check out any other of our Monster World coverage here.

Written by Jimmy Lindsay

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