RAM Prices Dropping- Finally
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RAM Prices Dropping- Finally

Being part of the PC Master Race has proven to be an expensive past time of late.

For example if you are the sort of person who likes to live on the bleeding edge you’d be forking out upwards of $2000 for Nvidia’s new RTX 2080 Ti cards.

The i9 9980XE from Intel will set you back around $2600, and to make it all worth while you’d have to grab an Acer Predator X27 or similar for another $1800.

Keeping in mind you still need a motherboard, case and peripherals and suddenly you have spent more than I did on my last 2 cars combined. (granted I’m not driving a Lamborghini, but still)

RAM Prices Dropping- Finally
Image: nawafwaleed

The good news is for those about to undertake a new build or major upgrade of their rig, RAM prices are falling and are expected to keep doing so for a while.

According to DRAMeXchange;

“the ongoing oversupply will result in significant price declines for DRAM products during 1H19.“

With all that spare change you’ll finally be able to fork out for the new gaming chair you’ve been dreaming of.

Written by Joel Nitschke

I went to the store to get more fire, to start the war.

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