Hello Neighbour is the latest free game on Epic Store
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Hello Neighbour is the latest free game on Epic Store

That’s right Epic Games is continuing their 12 days of Christams celebrations by giving all of us the dirty pedo game Hello Neighbour for free!

Hello Neighbor is a survival horror stealth game developed by Dynamic Pixels and published by tinyBuild. Basically, you are a young lad and you must sneak into the basement of your seedy looking neighbours house to find out the secret he’s hiding in his basement… he will however Chase you with his big fat gut and pedo looking porn moustache, so make sure you stay clear! He’s actually the spitting image of my housemate if I must say….

Once again get in quick because the earth will only rotate once and it’s a new day with another new free game. Tomorrow is looking to be the last of the celebrations too and all signs are pointing to Yooka-Laylee as the next Christmas present.

Written by Jimmy Lindsay

Now he's getting a tattoo. Yeah he's gettin' ink done.
He asked for a '13' but they drew a '31'.

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