Dota 2 Finally Release New Hero, Mars.
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Dota 2 Finally Release New Hero, Mars.

Mars is here! That’s right, Dota 2’s newest hero is at last here. Valve have been teasing the release of Mars since TI8, way back in August 2018. But finally, Mars has arrived and best of all, he’s playable… NOW!

Dota 2 Finally Release New Hero, Mars.
Expect a nerf next patch

“The warrior deity Mars thrives in the heart of strife, guarded by the bulk of a deadly shield as he skewers enemies with his legendary spear. He revels in facing opponents in an arena ringed with loyal spearmen—who guarantee that no one escapes and that whatever odds he’s facing, the god of war can dictate the terms of battle knowing the crowd is forever on his side.” Dota 2 official Mars hero page.

From that description, you’ve probably already assumed that Mars thrives on action… and you’re correct. Mars is a tanky, melee carry that processes a number of overpowered abilities fit for war, and a Roman Colosseum.

Spear of Mars

His first ability features his weapon of choice- a spear and is called, well, ‘Spear of Mars’.  A nuke that has the ability to impale the first enemy it hits if they’re skewered into a tree, building or cliff.

God’s Rebuke

Mars’ second ability is called ‘God’s Rebuke’, an AOE cleave that knocks back enemies and damages them with a critical strike (my advice, purchase a Morbid Mask and you will lifesteal 15% each crit and build into Satanic).


His third ability is called ‘Bulwark’, a defensive ability that allows Mars to tank damage by reduced damage from front and sides of the hero (similar to Bristleback’s passive).

Arena of Blood

Finally, his ultimate ‘Arena of Blood’ summons an arena of undead warriors that provide a barrier that no enemy or projectile can penetrate (except for Mars). This ultimate allows Mars to lock down enemies. This is where Spear of Mars is useful, as you have 360 degrees of walls to skewer enemies with.

Written by Shaun Grimley

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