Serious Sam 4 Release Date
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Serious Sam 4 Release Date September 24th!

Serious Sam 4 Release Date

Croteam and Devolver Digital recently announced the epic prequel to the Serious Sam series, Serious Sam 4 featuring none other than Sam “Serious” Stone himself! Originally announced for an August, Sam fans will just have to hold tight until the updated “100% not-gonna-change” release date of September 24th.

“Humanity is under siege as the full force of Mental’s hordes spreads across the world, ravaging what remains of a broken and beaten civilization. The last remaining resistance to the invasion is the Earth Defense Force led by Sam “Serious” Stone and his heavily-armed squad of misfit commandos.”

Keep your face glued to @Croteam and @DevolverDigital on Twitter for everything Serious Sam 4 and hit up for serious pre-order action!

For more on Serious Sam, check out our previous coverage.

Written by Chris Carew

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