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  • Capcom Pro Tour 2020 new format
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    Capcom Pro Tour 2020 new format

    Capcom Pro Tour 2020 new format The current global health issues have made the competitive scene for all e-sports change drastically, in the form of tournament cancellations and changes to online formats. This is also the case for the Capcom […] More

  • Guilty Gear Strive Delayed
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    Guilty Gear Strive Delayed

    Guilty Gear -Strive- delayed Yesterday, Arcsystem Works released a message from Takeshi Yamanaka, Guilty Gear-Strive‘s producer via twitter. As stated above, the game is going to be delayed from late 2020 to early 2021 due to the global health pandemic […] More

  • EVO 2020
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    EVO 2020 is going online!

    EVO 2020 – Introducing Evo Online! The Evolution Championship Series or as the FGC knows it better, EVO is the single biggest fighting-game tournament to exist, which has become an annual tradition (at nearly convention level at this point) comparable […] More

  • marvel vs capcom

    What if Capcom made a new ‘Versus’ game?

    What if is a series of opinion based articles (our opinions mainly) regarding multiple aspects of games and competitive gaming. On our first entry, we will have a brief analysis on What if Capcom announced a new entry on the […] More

  • Street Fighter V gets a new patch
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    Street Fighter V gets a new patch

    Streeit Fighter V: Champion edition got a new update yesterday, as announced by both their twitter page and by the executive producer for the game: Yoshinori Ono. This patch aims to further improve the game’s netcode, following the previous patch. […] More

  • guilty-gear-strive
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    New Guilty Gear -Strive- characters revealed

    This past weekend ArcSystem Works released a new trailer giving a sneak peek of two additions to Guilty Gear -Strive-‘s main roster: Millia Rage and Zato=1. So far we have 9 confirmed characters (Sol, Ky, May, Axl, Chip, Potemkin, Faust, […] More

  • Grablue Fantasy Versus Final DLC revelead
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    Grablue Fantasy Versus Final DLC revelead

    Grandblue Fantasy: Versus got an official annoucnement via Twitter over the weekend regarding the last three characters of their first season of DLC. We got a small preview of Soritz and Djeeta’s gameplay as well as the revealing of Zooey, […] More

  • Granblue Fantasy Versus announcements
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    Granblue Fantasy Versus announcements

    Earlier today via the official Granblue Fantasy Versus Twitter account it was revealed the release date for the Steam version of the game. According to the tweet the game will release worldwide on March 13 on Steam. It has not […] More

  • Dragonball FighterZ World Tour Finals Results
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    Dragonball FighterZ World Tour Finals Results

    Paris, France was home to the Dragonball FighterZ World Tour 2019/2020 finals this past weekend, showing one of the most intense competitions ever seen for this game. Saturday began with the Last-Chance Qualifier to take the covetted 16th spot on […] More